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Before and After: Kitchen Nook

Sometimes homes just have weird spaces. Especially old homes. With floor plans that can be outdated, once trendy design choices, and funky remodels, sometimes we are left with weird spaces in our home that we need to figure out what to do with. Our home was no different. We had this nook space in our kitchen that was right by the panty and right by the kitchen cabinet. It was too narrow for a normal kitchen table and chairs, so we had to figure out what we were going to turn this space into.

This is what the before looked like. The picture does not do the spacing justice of how awkward this space was. Trust me. I was going to have to get creative with this one.

After a few different options we contemplated, we decided to build a custom built-in banquette and custom table. This was exactly what we needed to make this space functional and beautiful.

Check out how this transformed this space.

How do you like this transformation? What would you have done in this space?


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I love the print to the left of the window, can you please tell me the name/artist?

Replying to

Never mind, it appears to be Jess Franks! :)

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