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Before and After: Living Room

The first project I did in our house was a DIY project in our living room. When we moved into this house, there wasn’t a fireplace. I love a fireplace even though it is rarely cold enough in Dallas to need a fire, but I’m all about an ambiance ya know? So I was bound and determined to get myself a fireplace in this house.

I was also in desperate need of some storage in this house. There was literally no storage anywhere. Not a lot of closets, a small kitchen, and no built-ins. So my plan was to build built-ins in the space and get an electric fireplace in there as well.

This is what the space look like before. Blah. Boring. No personality. Not functional.

This is what I did in this space:

The end result added so much personality, functionality, and most importantly a fireplace. Just the thing to warm my heart. Check it out!

What do you think? Do you think I did this space some justice?


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