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Best Blue Cabinet Paint Color

If you have been following along on my blog or social media, you know I have spent the past several weeks renovating my kitchen. I painting the cabinets, replacing the hardware, installing backsplash, and adding all new décor. I am on the home stretch of this project now, so I thought I would start sharing with y'all some of the inspiration behind this kitchen.

First, I am going to start with cabinet paint color. I know white is all the rage for cabinets. These people want something that is clean and neutral, and I get white. It looks pretty and is versatile. I've had white cabinets in my kitchen before, and I loved them. Don't get me wrong, white cabinets are great, but for this kitchen, I wanted blue.

I love blue. I use it a ton in my house and in my designs. In fact, in my last house, blue was almost like a neutral over there. In every room you would find a shade of blue. That won't be the same in this new house, but blue always has a special place in my heart. So for this kitchen and for the first room I remodel in this home, I was going with blue for the cabinet.

I did a lot of research on blues. I researched brands, I researched navy, light blues, gray blues, and everything in between. From all my research, I have rounded up my favorite blues to use for cabinets. All the colors I have chosen are from brands that have some version of an enamel trim paint, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr.


Navy is a super popular color for kitchen cabinets because it is the most versatile. There are very few colors and finishes that do not go with navy, so you will see this color in a lot of kitchens, bathrooms, and really everywhere there are cabinets. The most versatile navy is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. I LOVE this color. I am waiting for the perfect project to use this in my house. It literally looks good in every room. If you are looking for a dark blue or navy, this is the color for you.

Designer: Studio McGee

Smokey Blue

I love a smokey blue. These type of blues are my favorite to use on cabinets, trims, and walls. These blues can do no wrong. They are a little bit blue, a little bit gray, and a little bit moody. All the things I love about a color. For this kitchen remodel, I decided to go with a smokey blue. I picked Sherwin Williams Blustery Sky. The color was fabulous, Sherwin Williams makes a great enamel trim paint, and this color compliment the existing granite perfectly. I can't wait to show y'all what this looks like in our kitchen.

Gray Blue

Gray blues are really popular because they can almost act like a neutral in a lot of rooms. They are also versatile. Often they look more gray in certain lights and more blue in other lights. For people that are afraid of a bold color, blue grays are great to mix it up a bit, but also give the room some personality. My absolute favorite gray blue is Sherwin Williams Stardew. It is also used in one of my favorite kitchens and several other fabulous blue kitchens. Definitely check this color out.

Designer: Addison's Wonderland

What are your favorite blues to use in kitchens?



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