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DIY Outdoor Console Table

Y’all I love a good upcycle. I believe that everyone and every piece of furniture deserves a second chance. I love giving old furniture a second life or turning furniture into something brand new.

When Matt and I redid our garage and our work station, we had a miter saw table and a work bench that we were not going to use any more. Matt had a great idea to convert the miter saw table to a potting table. Check out how I did that in this post. Then we had the work bench table left, so I decided I was going to turn that into an outdoor console table.

Here is the table I was working with. It had a ton of potential and could have been used for many things, but a console table was just what we needed.

If you don’t have an extra table lying around to convert to a console table, here are some tables console tables that you can build yourself.

If you don’t want to build your own console table, here are some awesome console tables that are ready for your start decorating.

Once you have your table, it is time to start decorating and turning your outdoor console into a part of your home. The first thing I did, was stained the table. I used BEHR Cordovan Brown Semi-Transparent stain to protect the wood and turn into a piece of furniture. Look how great it looks! This stain is great because it is waterproof, so it will protect the wood from the outdoor elements.

Then it was decorating time. Check out my post tomorrow to see what I used to decorate the table.


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