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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Table

Guys. I love Pottery Barn. Every time I walk in that store, I wish I could stay there forever. I love everything about it. The reality is that I am on a budget and usually can't afford Pottery Barn (unless there is a sale), so I have to be creative.

When I moved into this house, I knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of Pottery Barn type vibes into the home. The finishes in the house definitely were not shouting that, but the structure of the house was just calling for that cozy, homey feel.

The first room you walk into when you open the front door is the dining room. This part of the house has an open concept vibe, so I wanted to make sure I had the right statement pieces in this room. The number one statement piece I needed to have was the dining room table. This home doesn't really have a traditional sitting area (only bar sitting), so this will be the only place for people to gather in my home. I found this killer dining room table from Pottery Barn, is $2,500. Definitely not in my budget!! So I got to work trying to find a way to create something similar.

I searched my favorite plan websites for a dining room table with a similar look that was easy to build, quick, and affordable. The thing about the Pottery Barn table is the legs are pretty intense. I could have bought these from my favorite Osborne Wood Shop, but those are expensive. I needed to pick a similar design to keep this project within a budget.

I found these DIY inspired dining room table plans from my favorite, Shanty-2-Chic. I love these plans because these were easy, quick, and affordable.

I got to work building these plans, and I am so happy how easy this plan was to build. I was able to build this in a weekend. I will warn you that this table is SUPER heavy, so you definitely need another set of hands to help you move things around. Totally worth it though because this is a great table!

Once I built this table, I stained it with a combination of Weathered Gray and Early American stain. I love this combo because the Weathered Gray takes out some of the stark yellow. I am so happy with how this turned out!!

This is turning out to be the exact space I was wanting for this space. I just need to put together a couple more pieces in this room and it will be finished! Follow along with me as I finish this room and start my next project. Shop all the products I am using in this room below.

Dining Room Plan

Dining Room Decor and DIY Products




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