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DIY Project Step 2: Build a Vision

The second step to start your DIY project is to build a vision. With all the resources available on the internet these days, it is really easy to get inspiration for your next project, but it is also really easy to get overwhelmed with all the ideas out there. When you are building the vision for a project, the best place to start is Pinterest. Start a board for your project and start pinning the things that you like. After a while you will have a good repository of pictures and ideas you want to incorporate into your project. Scan through your board and if you see similarities in several of your images. That is a good indicator of what type of project or project style you should move forward with.

I did this with my first DIY project, when I decided I was going to white wash my fireplace. My fireplace was old and outdated, so it needed a face lift. There were a few different options I could do to renovate the old fireplace, so I started saving things to a Pinterest board to figure out exact project details I wanted. Here is an example of what my Pinterest board looked like:

Once you have all your ideas documented, then you can start to plan exactly what you want your space to look like. I plan my vision by creating a mock-up of the space with what I want the end result to be.

These are easy to build. They can be done using pictures you find online or through Pinterest using a tool like Powerpoint or Canva to visualize. See the mock-up I created for my fireplace project.

Start building your Pinterest boards and mock-ups to get ready for your next DIY project!


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