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Door and Hardware Combinations

Throughout all the projects we have done on Caroline's house, we have needed new hardware on our doors. We have used both interior and exterior hardware on our doors. Most of the doors in our house have had brass hardware. This color works best with the cottage feel that the house has. It also looks good with the painted cabinets and doors that we have done in the kitchen and bedroom.

It can be really tricky to come up with the correct hardware for the doors that you have. There are many things to consider when choosing the hardware for your home. They need to have the right color and design to go with the feel of the rest of the room/house.

Changing out hardware is a really simple project that anyone can do. It is an easy way for you to change the feel of your space. This can be a project that is done in a home or a rental. If you are in a rental, it is easy to change the hardware back before you move out.

Below I am pulling together some of my favorite combinations of doors and hardware. I hope that these can inspire you when and if you choose to change out your doors hardware.

Kwikset Halifax Passage Door Lever Set

This is a great option for a modern black hardware set. This would be good for many different colors. I personally love the lever look for door handles. Though this one is in black, it comes in many different colors and shapes.

Milan Privacy Door Lever

Here is another black lever door handle. I think that this style has a little more versatility than a square door handle. It can go with several more design styles than a square handle. I really like this door handle with the blue color.

Freeport Large Door Set

This is a great option for a front door brass hardware option. I like the circular handle of this hardware set. This can go with a lot of different design styles. If you have colored doors, this could also be a good option. I love brass hardware with colored doors.

York Door Set with Otto Lever

This door hardware is similar to the Milan Privacy Door Lever. I really like the color of this option. It gives even more versatility than the black option before. I think that this would be a good option for people with colored doors.

Belleview Venetian Bronze Door Handleset

This is an aged bronze handle set. This looks really good with the colors that were chosen for this project. Just like bronze I LOVE the look of aged bronze. This would be the perfect option for a light colored front door. This hardware option would be a good option for a traditional style home. It could also be used for a transitional home.

Lowe Hardware 5025-S

I LOVE this hardware. It is versatile and is a great option for any interior door. It also works well for colored doors. I think this gives the door a vintage feel, but could also work for a modern feel. This could be a great option for any home.

Which of these hardware and door combinations are your favorite? Did this inspire you and your future projects?


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