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Easy and Budget Friendly IKEA Hack

Y’all I love a good IKEA hack. I have IKEA furniture and accessories in most rooms in my house. You would never know it is IKEA unless you asked. I love IKEA furniture because it is cheap, but is also very versatile and easy to give an upgraded look. Some of the IKEA hacks we have done at our house are:

Today, I am going to show you a quick and easy way to update IKEA furniture with cabinet pulls. IKEA drawers and bookcases usually either come with a cheap looking handle or no handle at all. I just used the Brimnes daybed and bookcase for our Office / Guest Room Combo. Here is what the Brimnes furniture looks like out of the box.

The furniture is pretty, but the pulls make it look cheaper than it needs to be. So here is the easy update: trash the cabinet pulls and replace with these black cabinet pulls. It is the easiest IKEA hack ever, but it makes such a difference.

As a side note, these cabinet pulls are great for every cabinet in your home, we have them in our kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. I highly recommend them for your home.

What are your tips and tricks for updating IKEA furniture?


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