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Favorite Bedroom Accent Walls

The first project I am working on in our bedroom is an accent wall. I love accent walls in bedrooms. I think they are the perfect way to highlight a bed and create a focal point in your room.

There are so many fabulous accent walls out there that amazing designers have built. When I was planning for my accent wall, I researched some of my favorite designers and the accent walls they have built in their home. I used these to draw inspiration for the accent wall I am building in my bedroom.

Modern Board and Batten - Angela Rose Home

For all you DIYers out there, I am sure you know Angela Rose. She is the Queen of DIY. She has a crisp, modern style and has completely transformed her home. She is the real deal y'all. In her master bedroom, she built this modern board and batten wall. I love this because it is simple, creates a visual interest, and the color is fabulous.

Vertical Board and Batten - Emily Glad

Not only do I love the Frenchie in this pic, but I also love the vertical board and batten. This type of board and batten is great for walls with shorter ceilings that you want to make visually longer. This type of board and batten is also so simple, but it creates an accent without being overwhelming. I love it!

Half Wall Board and Batten - Lone Fox

The Lone Fox built this simple board and batten that goes a little more than half way up their wall. I love how they used this wall to bring color into the space without being overwhelming. I also love that this kind of board and batten has a ledge to hang art. No room is complete without art, and this is the perfect way to display your favorite piece.

If you want to bring some sophisticated and glam to your space, look no further than this paneled wall. I love this paneled wall because it brings a sense a formality while also keeping things casual. If modern and farmhouse is not your style, this is a perfect option to draw visual interest to your space.

Herringbone Plank Wall - The Created Home

If you are feeling a little funky, a herringbone accent wall is a great addition to your room. I love this type of accent wall because you can keep the wood a natural color, paint it, or stain it. Basically, this wall can fit within a variety of styles, so it is great for resale!

Another one from the Queen of DIY! Angela Rose built this in her guest bedroom. I love this because it is different and unique. It also reflects her style and personality. I think your home should be a reflection of who you are and a wall like this definitely does the trick!

What are some of your favorite accent walls?



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