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Favorite IKEA Pax Hacks

If you have been following along, we have been working on renovating Caroline's closet for the last couple of weeks. We took an Ikea closet system and made it look like it was a custom built closet. This is a great way to get all the custom features you want without spending the price!

Here is our Ikea Pax Hack:

Caroline added trim, spacer, shelves, hardware, and more to make this space look like a custom project.

Below I am adding some of my other favorite Ikea Pax Hacks from other DIYers on Instagram. These show the wide range of possibilities that are available if you decide to do your own Ikea Pax Hack. I hope that these will provide some inspiration for your next closet inspiration.


The Happy Housie


Crazy Wonderful

Which of these Ikea Pax are your favorites? Could you see yourself doing this project in the future?


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