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How To Decorate Bookshelves

I gave my living room bookshelves a makeover this past weekend. They went from traditional bookshelves where we stored all our books to a decorative focal point in our home. I am so glad I updated the bookshelf decor. They look so much better!

Here are my top three tips to decorate shelves in your home:

1. Use Living Things

My first rule when I am creating bookshelves is to always use something living. I love plants. Indoor plants are especially awesome because they filter and purify the air around you, they can help with your sleep, and all together just make people happy. Most indoor plants are hard to kill. All they need is some light and water, and you are on your way to an indoor plant garden. If you are first venturing out into the world of indoor plants, get yourself a snake plant. They are next to impossible to kill. If you are decorating shelves in area with bad lighting, you can always use a fake plant. Target, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby all have fake plants that can look like real plants in your poorly lit spaces.

2. Show Your Personality

Shelves are your opportunity to showcase who you in your home. Use bookshelves to display items that have a sentimental meaning, show your passions, or show who you are. I have dog bookends because I am a dog lover through and through. I would have 10 dogs if Matt would let me. I have books on display from both my grandmothers. It reminds me of who they were and where I came from. I have art on display that I love. My sister and I have a huge passion for art, and we try to display our favorite art anywhere we can.

3. Create Dimension

Dimension is the most important thing you need to create when you are decorating your bookshelves. The good news is that it can be created pretty easily. First, make sure you have varying heights with the items you pick. Having everything the same height is a bad idea because it will create a sterile and calculated look, so arrange your items in different heights. Second, remember the rule of threes. The rule of threes is one of my favorite rules because it makes things easy to remember, but it also helps with visualization. Group your items in threes when you are arranging your shelves. Third, use varying textures. Varying textures also helps create dimension, and it can also create warmth depending on the type of texture you use. You can see I have used wood, woven baskets, and glass to create varying textured dimension. I also threw some candles in there for extra warmth.

I have linked all the products I have used to decorate my shelves below. These items are a great option to get you started in decorating your shelves. Throw in some personal items and you will create bookshelf decor everyone will notice in your home.


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