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How to Fix Cement Grout

Y’all up until this week, I have never done anything with cement. If I am being honest, I was pretty intimidated to a do a project with cement because I had no idea what I was doing, but after some googling, I felt somewhat confident that I could tackle this project.

I needed to fix the cement grout on our back patio. I was years old and was in need of some major TLC. Look at how bad the grout had deteriorated.

My plan was to fill back in the old grout and stabilize some of the loose stones. Spoiler alert, my plan worked! Let me show you what I did.

How To Fix Cement Grout



1. Make sure the grout is clear of debris. I did this using a leaf blower and a mortar brush.

2. Mix sand topping mixture using 1pt of water per every 10lbs of sand. Mix in the mortar pail using the trowel. The mixture should be thick enough that it is not runny, but have enough water in it where it is easy to manipulate and place in the grout.

3. Using the trowel, place the in the mortar cracks and pack down until all gaps are filled.

4. Smooth the concrete using the trowel or the mortar brush.

5. Let dry over 24 hours.

I was afraid this project was going to take me an entire day, but it actually only took me a couple hours. Once I got the hang of it, it was actually pretty easy to do. Don’t be intimidated by this project. You can do it!


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