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How to Repair Your Fence

I spent the weekend repairing parts of our fence in our backyard. To be honest, our entire fence needs to be replaced, but those are expensive! So I was determined to figure out a low cost way to get a few more years out of this fence. We had a couple parts of the fence that either had deteriorating wood or had holes in them that our dogs would dry to paw through to say hi to our neighbors. So my focus was replacing those pieces.

I was going to buy need cedar pieces to use, but then my husband had an even lower cost idea. At first I wasn’t too sold on the idea, but he was able to convince me. Our house used to have a pool in the backyard so there was a random part of the fence that stood out where they used to store pool supplies. Here is a picture of what I am talking about. See the weird extra fence?

Here was our low cost redneck idea. Tear down the extra part of the fence and then use the good wood from the fence to repair the bad pieces. Redneck I know. If you aren’t trying to save money, you should definitely by new cedar pieces. In the picture, the right side of the fence is covered in dirt, but there is actually concrete under all that dirt. Our plan was to use that to expand our seating area in that corner.

Here‘s how we did it:

Tearing Down The Fence:



1. Using the crow bar, start prying the wood off the fence structure. I separated the pieces I took off into reusable and non reusable pieces.

2. Using the hammer and the crow bar, I removed the nails from wood. The reusable pieces I wanted to make sure I could use them again. We also removed the nails from the pieces we were throwing away so they could be picked up by bulk trash.

3. We took the horizontal fence posts out using a wrench to loosen the bolts.

3. Using the multi-tool and blade, Matt sawed the pole metal where it met the concrete.

Goodbye fence! We now have extra space for our sitting area.

How To Repair The Fence:

If you have a lot of fence to repair, I would recommend renting a fence nailer from your local hardware store. Since we were only repairing a few pieces, I did not want to go through the hassle of renting a tool, so we just used a regular hammer. This is an example of what one of the damaged areas of our fence looked like.



1. Take off the top pieces, the damaged pieces, and the pieces around the damaged pieces (if necessary).

2. Using the hammer and nails, attach a good piece of cedar where the damaged piece previously was.

3. Reattach the side pieces using a hammer and nails. Reattach the top piece using a brad nailer.

Then you are finished! The fence looks good as new!

After I fixed the fence, I moved onto staining. Check back tomorrow to see my post on staining fences.

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