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How to Whitewash Your Fireplace

The first DIY project my husband and I ever did was whitewashing our fireplace. This was the cheapest and easiest project we have done to date. No matter your level of DIY expertise, you can take on this project and complete in a few hours.

This is what our fireplace looked like before we decided to whitewash it.

We loved the space, but we didn't love:

  • The color of the brick. We felt like it was making the space dark and outdated.

  • The mantel. This fireplace was such a focal point of the room and we really wanted to have a mantel that stood out as a focal point.

  • The fireplace insert made the space look outdated and dim.

We tossed around a couple ideas on how to update the look, and we eventually landed with whitewashing the fireplace because it was the easiest and most cost effective.

Supplies Needed:

White flat or eggshell interior paint: We used leftover Behr flat paint


Get started using these steps:

1. Take the existing mantel off the fireplace. There are a few ways these can be attached, but most can be taken off using a screwdriver or hammer.

2. Remove existing dirt or debris from the fireplace.

3. Mix the whitewash in the pail using 1 part paint and 1 part water. The paint will want to fall to the bottom, so you will need to mix this well and continue to stir throughout the project.

4. Start whitewashing your space with a paint brush.

Y'all it is that easy! I would recommend that you start with a light whitewash and you can layer from there to get the perfect coverage you are looking for.

We also built a new mantel for the fireplace, but before that was completed, here is what our fireplace looked like. You can see there were some heavier places of whitewash that we had to even out before this project was finished.

We built our mantel using instructions similar to how Remington Avenue built her DIY mantel. When it was all said and done, our living room and fireplace looked like the photo below.

We love how our fireplace turned out! It made such a big difference in our living room. This fireplace was able to light up the room and it became the focal point we always wanted it to be. It was also so cheap. We were able to whitewash with existing items we had in our garage, which means this project cost us $0. Such a steal!! I would highly recommend this as an update to your home.


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