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Media Console Decor

After we redid the media wall in our room, we needed to decorate our media console. Before we had our TV directly sitting on the media console. Now that we hung our TV on the wall, we had a black space on the media console to decorate. Here is the space we were working with:

When I was decorating this space, I wanted to make sure I incorporated a few items:

  • Plants: you know I love a good plant for decorations. Normally, I pick live plants for my space, but the light near this media console is not great. There was no way I was going to be able to make a live plant survive this, so I had to find some faux plants that looked as close enough to real plants as I could get. I think I found some good options.

  • Books: Yes, I do love books to decorate. They bring dimension and personality to a space, which is what this space needed.

  • Light: I love light to decorate a space. It brings warmth and brightness to decor, which I like to incorporate in all my designs.

Taking these elements together, I came up with this design for the space.

What do you think of the decor in this space? I think it makes the media console so much warmer and inviting.


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