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My Favorite Daybeds

As I am starting to plan out my Office Guest Room combo, I have been looking at daybeds to add to my space. There are a ton of options, which is great! But that makes narrowing down the search for the daybed I want to add to my space even harder. Here are some great options that I have found and that I am thinking of for my room remodel.

I love this upholstered daybed because it is soft and has dimensions. It comes in several great colors and has a ton of versatility. While I probably wouldn't choose the pink (let's be real...I'm all about the blue or green), I do really like the way this is style. I also think an upholstered daybed is a great option because it gives it much more of a couch feel when you are not using it for a bed.

Are you looking to add some Farmhouse Style to your space? Metal daybeds are the perfect option. They are still functional while adding a little bit of charm. I love this daybed because it has the perfect amount of farmhouse detail, it is a trundle and it comes in several different colors to fit your space perfectly.

I had a trundle daybed until I was 16 years old, and I loved it. The adult version of me also loves it because it is functional for small spaces. It can be a bed and sitting area, and it can give others a place to stay with the hidden trundle. This is great trundle daybed option because it is simple and versatile. There are a ton of different things you could do with this daybed.

Talk about a cool color! I love the blue velvet of this daybed. Storage daybeds are a perfect option if you have a small space and you are trying maximize your storage options. This is the a great all in one combination. This daybed also comes in several different colors to fit your space perfectly.

Y'all this daybed is so cool. It is a twin daybed, that turns into a King size bed, BUT it also has storage. Talk about a total package! If you have the space and are looking for a daybed that does it all, this is the best option for you. It also helps that the color is great!


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