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My Favorite DIY Dog Beds

This past weekend we finished our own DIY dog bed for Caroline's dogs. I think my favorite dog bed I have seen has been ours, but I am a little biased in that opinion. In coming up with ideas and inspiration for our dog bed, we scoured the internet for other dog beds that we liked. Ultimately, we came up with a dog that was different than all of my other favorite ones.

Below I am gathering up my favorite dog beds. There are many different reasons that I fell in love with each of these DIYS. These designs were innovative, unique, used great materials, and were very creative. These are some of my favorite aspects that come out of DIY design. Here are my favorite dog beds from fellow DIYERS.

First up, is this beautiful DIY dog bed made by Crafted by the Hunts.

Next up is an old tv that was converted to a dog bed. This design was created by

This next dog bed was created by Dana Laureano. This dog bed was created out of old pallets of wood. It is a beautiful rustic piece that would be perfect for any doggo.

Fourth on the list is a dog bed made by the Scandinavian company Vtwonen. This is a slightly traditional dog bed, but does not have any walls. I love this dog bed because of it's clean design.

Next up is a genius design that was made out of an old night stand. This is a great way to add a dog bed to any bedroom. Especially if you let your dogs sleep with you. This dog bed was shown on

Sixth on the list is a unique dog bed from Southern Revivals. They created this dog bed out of an old side table. They used an old piece of furniture and converted it into a dog bed. This gave this piece a brand new life.

The last dog bed on this list is from Saws on Skates. They created a DIY dog bed out of an old dresser door. They used an old piece of furniture a new life. This a great idea for anyone with an old dresser laying around.

Which of these is your favorite dog bed? Do you have any other favorite DIY dog beds?



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