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My New Love: Power Washing

Sorry, Matt. I found a new love this weekend, and his name is Power Washing. Just Kidding. Nothing could replace Matt, but I did spend the whole weekend power washing. Our house was DIRTY and needed a good washing. Here is what I I needed to clean this weekend:

  • Fence

  • Concrete Patio

  • Brick house/siding

  • Driveway

  • Walkway

  • Brick front patio

Y'all it was a lot but it needed to done. Check out how dirty some of these areas in our house were before.

With some man power, soap, and a good power washer, we were able to wash this dirt right off. Look how good our patio looks now!

The good news is power washing is an easy DIY project you can do in a weekend. You can rent a power washer, but, honestly, a power washer is a good investment that will last a while. You will use it year after year.

How To Power Wash




1. Connect the power washer to the hose and plug in.

2. Fill the soap compartment with soap.

3. Turn the power washer on.

4. Lather the area with the soap nozzle first.

5. Change the pressure washer nozzle depending on if you are washing wood or stone.

6. Pressure wash the area until it hits the level of cleanliness you are looking.

While this project is really easy, it is dirty! You will be covered in dirt and mud by the time this is over, so wear clothes that you can get dirty, rain boots, and safety glasses.

Now that our fence and patio are cleaned, I can start fixing the concrete holes and restaining the wood fence.

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