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Office Design Plans

Does anyone now have two people working from home? Us too. While I love working from home for a lot of reasons, there are also some reasons I don’t like it. For Matt and I, we both need separate spaces to office since we are on the phone all day long. So two of our extra bedrooms have become offices.

Since Matt is starting a new job as a real estate agent (if you need an agent in Dallas, call him!), we have been working on converting an extra bedroom into an office for him. We took the bedroom furniture over to his parents house, and I have been working on the design for the office. We will also be using this space for a workout area. We recently got a Peloton. We absolutely love it. We needed a space to put the peloton, my yoga stuff, and Matt’s boxing stuff, so this is the room for it.

Check out the design vision I am going for in this room:

I have also linked the products I am thinking about using here.

What do you guys think? What are your home offices looking like these days?


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