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Office / Guest Room Reveal

I started working on our converting an extra bedroom into an office / guest room combo earlier this year. It was perfect timing because a few weeks later, I was sent to work from home and I have been here ever since. It is looking like this might be the new normal, so I am so glad I have a space where I can shut the door, take my video calls, and get my work done. It also helps that this space is a guest room combo so I can fit in a quick power nap in between calls.

When I started planning this room, here are the items I knew I needed to incorporate:

  • Getting rid of the carpet and replacing with Luxury Vinyl Planks

  • Adding more color to the space

  • Creating an area to store workout gear

  • Creating an area for our desk and dual monitors (not pretty but a must)

  • Using a day bed for sitting and for house guests

It was a lot for a small room, but I think I came up with a plan that would make this work. Here is what this extra bedroom looked like before:

And now for the big REVEAL!!! Drum roll please......

This room is the perfect place for us to work during the day, get in a quick Tone It Up work out, and host any guests...if we ever get out of quarantine. We are loving this room! Here are some other views of our new room.

Here are the items I used in the room:

Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Clare Deep Dive Blue Wall Paint

IKEA Curtains

Curtain Rod

Beddy's Bedding

Pottery Barn Pillows

Blue Velvet Pillows

White Lumbar Pillow


IKEA Daybed

IKEA Bookcase

Black Cabinet Pulls

Abstract Art Print

Cactus Art Print

Cubby Storage

Cubby Boxes

Tall Woven Basket

Short Woven Basket

Square Picture Frames

I am so glad I know have a dedicated place in our home to work from home. I am sure this will evolve as remote working becomes more of the norm, so I will keep you all posted with updates.


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