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Primary Bedroom Reveal

Guys! We are finally ready to reveal the primary bedroom to y'all. We started this project at the start of the room, and a little over four months later we have finished all the projects we set out to do in this room.

When Caroline first bought this home, this bedroom was in rough shape. Nothing that was picked out in this room went together. There definitely was a lot of work to do in this room.

Primary Bedroom When Caroline Moved In

At first we did not change a lot in the bedroom. In this phase of the renovation, we removed the carpet and added flooring that matched the rest of the house. The other thing we did was move the furniture from the primary bedroom in the last house.

Primary Bedroom After Moving In

When we started the renovation, there were several things that we wanted to accomplish. Here are all the things we wanted to accomplish:

  • Adding an accent wall

  • Add trim to match the rest of the house

  • Paint the walls

  • A DIY dog bed

  • Transform all the closets

  • Match the bedroom hallway to the bedroom

  • Revamp the hallway vanity

  • And add decor!

At the end of this project we wanted this room to fit into the cottage feel of the rest of the house. We also wanted a more cohesive design. All of these projects created an amazing primary bedroom sanctuary! Caroline never wants to leave this room!

Primary Bedroom Reveal

Isn't this transformation stunning? It does not even look like the same bedroom.

The last thing I want to show y'all is the decor. Below I am going to link all of the different products that we used to transform this space. There are a lot of links, so bare with me.

What about this space is your favorite? What are your must needs for your primary bedroom?


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