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Refinishing an Old Dresser

My mom downsized several years ago. When she was moving one of the pieces of furniture I got was her old dresser from college, which means this dresser is older than I am. It's a well-built dresser and still in great condition, but it is very outdated. It also doesn't go with the rest of my furniture or my style. I wanted to keep it, but it was going to need a major facelift.

My Mom's Old Dresser

See what I mean? This baby is built with solid wood. It is great quality, and I did not want to ruin the integrity of the wood. I also wasn't sold on painting it because I wanted this piece to be versatile in any room. So I decided I was going to refinish it. I have never refinished furniture. It turned out to be pretty easy, and I love the way it turned out! Keep reading to see what I did.

How To Refinish an Old Dresser


Drawer Pulls (If you want to replace the existing ones)

Bleach (optional)


1. Follow the directions on the back of the paint stripper box. Working in sections apply the paint stripper, let soak, and rub off with the steel wool. Make sure you have on latex gloves for this part or you will destroy your hands. Repeat until all the stain and varnish is off. Your wood should like this when you are finished.

2. Let the dresser completely dry.

3. If you want the wood lighter, you can bleach with wood and water. I was okay with the color of the wood because it matched some of my other furniture.

4. Using a lint free rag, rub the finishing wax all over the dresser. Let it dry.

5. Replace the drawer pulls.

What is left is a beautiful piece of wood furniture that has found new beauty again!

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