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Renovating our Sun Room: Before and After

The current house we live in was flipped before we purchased it, but the flippers didn't do a great job. There were details missed and some odd things about the way they designed the flip. It's no wonder the house was on the market for 9 months before my husband and I decided to take the challenge.

One of the details the flippers missed was the sun room in our house. The sun room was an addition that one of the previous owners added himself. Talk about a DIY project! I know this because his daughter stopped by one day and told me about her dad building the sun room. Pretty cool! For whatever reason the flippers hardly touched this sun room. Check out what the sun room looked liked when we purchased it.

The room was really dark, the windows were old, the room looked outdated, and the carpet was dark and gross. We had some work to do!

Here is what we did:

  • We ripped up the carpet and replaced it with tile. We did not do this ourselves because the subfloor was uneven, and we needed some help.

  • We replaced the windows with energy efficient windows. This made such a difference with controlling the temperature in a our room. Before it was either really hot or really cold depending on the time of year.

  • We painted the cedar walls.

Cedar is a little more difficult to paint than other wood especially if it is rough. Our cedar was rough. To get the best coverage, we:

  • Sanded the cedar to get rid of the flecks of wood that were sticking out

  • Used an oil based paint (We used Alabaster by Sherwin Williams)

  • Used brushes instead of rollers to cover all the corners

After it was all said and done, this is what our new sun room looks like:

Ignore the leaves on the floor. Dogs are messy. Doesn't it look so much better? It is so much lighter and brighter than before. It actually looks like a sun room. Now that we have been living in this space for a while there a few additional renovations I want to make to the space. Stay tuned for more details on how we update this.


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