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Tiling Kitchen Backsplash and Wall

One of the things I hated about our kitchen when we moved in was the backsplash...or lack of a backsplash. The owner before us had taken out the original backsplash and replaced with a short piece of granite. One of the biggest design mistakes to make in a kitchen.

When we were talking about renovating our kitchen, taking off that piece of granite and replacing with tile backsplash was a must. I also wanted to extend the tile around the door frame on the two walls where there was tile. I wanted it to be one continuous tile wall. So I got to work on finding the perfect tile to use for the backsplash. Based on the wall and trim color, the granite, and the blue color I wanted to paint the cabinets, I found the perfect, simple tile to use.

I loved this tile because it was simple. I knew it wasn't going to be too overbearing to use on backsplash and on a tile wall. It had dimension. Not all the tiles are the same color. And it was the perfect amount of white and cream. Once we had our tile ordered, we got to work.

How to Tile Backsplash and Wall


Tile (We used this tile from Wayfair)

Tile Spacers (we used 3/16in spacers)


1. Mix the mortar with water using a drill and the mortar mixing attachment. You want the mortar to be a cake batter like consistency.

2. Lightly wipe the wall where the tile will go with a damp sponge.

3. Working in sections, apply the mortar to the wall using a trowel.

4. Start adding your tile to the wall and space apart using tile spacers. Repeat until the entire space is covered. Let set at least 24 hours before adding grout.

5. Once the tile is set, you can start mixing the grout. You will follow the same process and consistency as you did with the mortar.

6. Wet the tile with a damp sponge before applying the grout.

7. Apply the grout over the tile using the grout float.

8. Wait 30 minutes and then using a damp sponge, wipe the grout off the top of the tile.

9. Wait at least 5 days for the grout to cure. Using the haze remover and a bucket of water, wipe the haze remover on the tile where there is grout haze.

10. Finally, wipe spray and wipe the sealer over the tile.

What do you guys think of the tile installation? What are your tips and tricks for installing tile?


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