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Wall to Wall Shelves

When we moved into our house, one of the most challenging rooms I was gong to tackle was our dining room. Dining rooms are usually not hard or complicated, so usually this would not be a complicated room. However, the challenge with this room that I was dealing with was the size. Our dining room was tiny.

Our house is small in general, so it was important to us that every space in the house was maximized. This room was no different. I wanted to figure out how to make this space livable even though it was small, but also maximize wall space. My solution for this was to build wall to wall shelves to use for decor and to use to store some of our dining plates.

I also wanted to bring some dimension to this room. Most of the walls in my house are gray, but I wanted to add something a little deeper to this room. So I turned to my favorite color, Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. I love this color because it is a little bit gray, a little bit brown, and all things moody. It changes its shade based on the room it is in. It is so versatile. Sherwin Williams has also recently announced it as the 2021 color of the year. Obviously, I am in full support of this decision!

With the wall to wall shelves and addition of Urbane Bronze, check out what I transformed this room into.

The two shelves towards the top of the ceiling are 10in wide and made with 10in x 10ft common board. The shelves towards the bottom at 12in wide and made with 12in x 10fit common board. They are stained using Varathane Early American. These are attached to the wall using 1in x 2in common board that is cut to the width of each of the boards and attached on either side of the end walls and in the middle of the length of the shelves.

I decorated these shelves using dinnerware, dining plates, and glasses I had in garage storage. I also picked up some fun kitchen decor pieces from target, and added my favorite plants to give the space some life.

What do you think of these using shelves like this for a small space?


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