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Weekend Roundup - April 19, 2020

Quarantine is hitting us hard at the Sears house, but we are staying positive and keeping ourselves busy with house projects. This week we finished up our garage work space project, redid the bookshelf decorations in our living room, and moved our books to the office we are finishing up. Check out my favorite things from our projects this week.

Y'all this is the best fire pit we have ever had. We had several different friends and neighbors with this fire pit, and we became hooked. First, it looks sleek and modern, which we love. Second, it is very durable and comes with a great cover to keep the rain and snow out. Third, this is the best feature, there is almost no smoke. Most fire pits get smoke everywhere and on you. This fire pit directs the smoke in one contained area and line so you barely notice the smoke is there. It is awesome. Get your own in the link here.

These days I am trying to limit my trips to Home Depot as much as possible to do my part to flatten the curve. I was looking for some plants online to redecorate my living room bookshelves so I wouldn't have to make a trip to Home Depot. I found an awesome farm that sells their plants on Amazon, Costa Farms. Their plants are packaged great and they arrive on your doorstep ready to go. I ordered 4 different plants, and they arrived healthy and in pristine condition. This will be my go to indoor plant shop while I am on quarantine. Check out the link to the ZZ Plant I ordered here.

These are my favorite flameless candles ever. I have them in several places in my house, and I keep buying them over and over. I recently bought two more sets for my living room bookshelves. These are great because the candle light they produce looks real against the wall, they can be set to a timer, and they look like real wax. You need these in your house!


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