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Sometimes all you need is an extra set of eyes on design, direction on design plans, or some help picking out the finishing touches for your home. Whether you are just getting started in the design process, in the middle of a remodel, or putting the finishing touches on a design, we are here to help make your home come to life. We can partner together via phone, video calls, and/or email to get your project across the finish line!


This service is perfect for the DIYer, the inner designer, and the busy bodies of the world. Sometimes you just need to phone a friend!

Service price: $99 for the initial consultation hour, and $85 for each additional hour

DIYer On Call


    • Build you a mood board to get your design juices flowing

    • Select furniture and decor to complete a space

    • Pick out light fixtures, finishes, or fittings to complete a space

    • Review renovation and design plans

    • Partner with your contractor on design questions for a renovation

    • Wall decor and styling ideas

    • Review your own design ideas and provide feedback


    • A design board

    • A to-scale floor plan

Get started by scheduling a complimentary 15 minute information session to chat with us and see if we are a fit to work together. 

Please note that my consulting services does include the creation of design boards or floor plans. Also, please verify any room measurements or paint suggestions to ensure it works in the space. If you’re working on a space and need a full design, check out my eDesign options.

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