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Favorite Painted Patio Floors.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are in the beginning stages of starting a patio refresh. We want this project done in time for us to spend a lot of time outside this summer. One of the must haves on our to do lists is painted the patios concrete floors.

We scoured the internet to find inspiration for this project. We decided to use a stencil to create the finished look that we wanted. There are many amazing things that can be done with painted concrete.

I am going to be showing you all some of my favorite painted concrete designs. They show just some of the amazing things you can do with a bucket of paint and a stencil. If you are curious, check them out below.

Black and Pink Painted Floor

This patio does a great job of added many different colors to their stenciled design. I also like that they have a border around their main design.

Painted Front Patio

This is such a beautiful and lovely front porch. It is also inviting and is a great way to bring you into the home. Who would not want to walk up to this everyday?

Textured Back Patio

This back patio does a great job of using texture and different patterns to give a sense of warmth. Their use of black white and grey is amazing. This patio is definitely somewhere I would spend a lot of time.

Stylish Backyard Makeover

This is a simple design, but it has a strong impact. It pairs well with all the furniture and decor that they picked for their patio. I love looking at this dreamy space.

Brick Floor Front Porch

Brick is an amazing addition to any home. Most homes have brick on their walls. If you like the look of brick floors, this is a great option for you!

Painted Front Patio

This geometric design is a beautiful addition to this front patio. The pink door pairs well with the gray in the floors.

Stenciled Back Patio

The color of the painted patio floor is dreamy. Also, I love the design of the stencil that they chose for this patio.

Have you ever thought about painting your concrete patio with a stencil? Which of these is your favorite painted concrete patio?


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