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Favorite Semi-Flush Ceiling Mount Lights

A couple of days ago, I rounded up some of my favorite art pieces for the bedroom. Now I am exploring my favorite semi-flush ceiling mounts. We have featured several of these in our projects in the past few months. This includes our kitchen remodel, Caroline's bedroom remodel, and some of our client's projects.

Lights are something that can sometimes go forgotten in a design. However, they are important in pulling the entire design together. Lights can be used as a statement piece that draws the eye to it, or as a cohesive part of the design. Either way, you should invest the time to pick the perfect light to go along with your design.

Below, I am pulling some of my favorite semi-flush ceiling mounts. Some of these we have used in our designs. Others we are dreaming about using in future projects. Hopefully these lights will bring you inspiration for your future projects.

Which of these lights are your favorite? What lights are you looking to use in your future projects?


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