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Green Accent Wall Paint Colors

Y'all I am really into green these days. I wanted to paint my kitchen green, but it just didn't go with the existing granite. I ended up painting the kitchen blue. So the next project I had on my list to tackle was our bedroom, and it was my goal to bring some green into that room.

Of course, I got to work researching the best green for my space. I am going with a more subtle color palette in this house, so I wanted to stick within the subtle green palette. However, I do love some moody and rich paint colors. I had to put together my favorite greens I found for my accent wall.

Subtle Greens

There are so many shades of subtle green ranging from gray based paint to white based paints and everything in between. Since I knew I was going to paint my accent wall one of these colors, I spent a lot of time looking at subtle green paint, but I was able to narrow it down to three. My favorites were Dirty Martini and Money Moves by Clare. I love Clare paint, and I try to buy my paint from them whenever possible. I ultimately chose Money Moves because it was slightly darker. I am so happy with how this turned out. I love it!

Moody Greens

Moody greens are all the rage right now. Check out any DIY bloggers Instagram, and you will find varying shades of moody greens. It is modern while still having some personality and warmth. A great option for so many styles and homes. I love this moody green from Clare paint, Current Mood. Within The Grove used it in her sons room, and I love it! It looks fabulous. I am planning on using this color for our guest bathroom. I cant wait to show y'all!

Within The Grove

Rich Greens

One day I will live in a house full of rich, vibrant colors. It won't be my current home, but maybe the next one. I love rich colors. I think they are so fun and vibrant, and they also bring so much to a space. Studio McGee is one of my favorite designers. She uses muted and vibrant colors in her designs, and somehow manages to pull it all together. I love this office she used Salamander by Benjamin Moore in. It is rich and fun, but also light and sophisticated with the white accents.

Studio McGee

What are your favorite greens to use for accent walls?



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