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Patio Refresh Recap

Hello everyone! It has been several weeks since I have written a blog post. It has been sad to be away for so long. However, we finally have some project and inspiration post to share with y'all.

If you have been following along, you know that we have been working hard on Caroline's backyard patio. This ended up being a huge undertaking. I have some good news though ... we have finally finished this project!

This is where we started this project a few weeks ago:

We had several projects that we completed during this patio refresh:

  • Creating A DIY Bar Table

  • Creating A DIY Console Table

  • Painting the Concrete Floors

  • Adding Vinyl Siding To The Ceiling

  • Making A DIY Succulent Planter

Painting Concrete Floors

The first project we completed was the painted concrete floors. We used this stencil from Etsy. The colors we used were Urbane Bronze and Amazing Gray concrete paint from Sherwin William. This was a very labor-intensive project, but it was so worth it. This completely changed the look of the patio. We love all the character that this project added to this patio.

DIY Console Table

The second project that Caroline completed was the console table. Before redoing this space, we had a similar console table in this space. However, we needed it to be a little smaller. We decided to create a new console table for this space. It fit the space better. We painted the console table Sea Serpent by Sherwin Williams.

DIY Bar Table

The third project we did was creating a bar table for this space. One of the things we wanted in this space was an area to eat at. We did this by adding a DIY Table and this DIY Bar Table. The project was pretty similar to our DIY Console Table project. We also painted the bar table Sea Serpent by Sherwin Williams.

White Ceiling Paneling

The last big project in this space was completing the ceilings. We added white vinyl boards to the ceiling. This was a much better option than what was previously there. By far, this project took the most time. I think that this was the perfect finish for this space!

DIY Succulent Planter

The last project for this space was a DIY Wall Planter. We finished this project after revealing this space to y'all. I will write a blog post on this later. If you did not know, we LOVE plants! This project gave us the perfect space to show off our succulents. Who wouldn't want that? In my opinion, this project was small but mighty.

Final Photos of Patio

We absolutely love how this project turned out! It took us a long time to get this project across the finish line, but all that time was worth it. We were able to completely transform this space into somewhere that we will spend time all summer long. I cannot wait to create a ton of amazing summer memories out here.

What was your favorite project in this space? Would you tackle one of these projects yourself?


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