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The Best Faux Olive Trees

As most of you know, I LOVE plants. I have a ton of plants throughout my house and think that each room could use a little greenery. This was exactly the case in my bedroom. There are two corners in my bedroom next to my dresser that I wanted to add something. I decided to put a chair in one corner. In the other I wanted to put a plant. However, this spot did not have enough light for a real plant.

I knew that the perfect plant for this spot was an olive tree. I went on the hunt for a faux olive tree that I could put in this space. I am gathering up some of my favorite faux olive trees that I have found online. All of these would be great options to have in the next space that you design. Below I am rounding up some of my favorite olive plants that I found.


One of my favorite spots to shop is Etsy. I find a lot of my home decor on this website. Etsy is a great spot to find one of a kind things from small shops. It's a great way to support small shops. This was one of the first places that I looked for a plant for my bedroom. This olive tree is one of my favorites that I found on this site. There are many other choices on this site for other olive trees or other faux plants.

West Elm

Another of my favorite places to shop for home decor is West Elm. This store is great for mid century finds. This was another place that I looked for a faux olive plant. They have two options of olive plants in their store. One comes with a pot and the other does not. Both look very realistic and are great options for those looking for a faux olive plant.

World Market

Another of my favorite home decor shops is world market. I got many of the items for my sisters apartment from here. I also have used their decor in my own home. When searching for an olive plan, this was a highly rated option. This olive tree is very realistic and can go in any space. This is a nice budget friendly option.

Nearly Natural

On my search for the perfect faux olive tree for my bedroom, I found a new website that has a lot of great options for faux plants. This place had a lot of great options and reviews from customers. I am very excited to purchase a plant from them in the future. This place had so many great faux olive tree options of different sizes. Any person could find a plane that was the right fit for their room.

Below are all my favorite faux olive tree options that I found.

I hope that this gave you some great options to look for your next faux plant. Where are some of your favorite places to buy faux plants for your home?


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