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The Best Gray Duvet Colors

Have you guys seen the dude on TikTok that mixes paint colors? I could honestly watch his videos for hours. Seeing all those colors mix together makes this color loving soul do a happy dance. That aside, the other day he posted a video about mixing gray paint, and how it was the hardest color to pick out for your bedroom.

This is a hard color because there are so many shades, and they each look different depending on the artificial and natural light in the room. I have similar feelings about white paint. But I also feel like this gray struggle is also a struggle when it comes to gray bedding.

We recently switched out our white and gray patterned duvet for a solid gray duvet. I love a white duvet as much as the rest of you, but they just don't work in this house. We have dogs, I love coffee, and somehow I manage to ruin anything white that touches my body. So we are sticking with the gray over here.

I am also on team duvet covers over here. I know that filling duvet covers with duvet inserts can be a pain in the you know what, but I think they are far superior than a comforter. In my experience they last longer, they are easier to clean because you don't have to wash all that fluff, and you can make them look super fluffy by adding more than one duvet insert. I recommend at least two, sometimes three, duvet inserts in your duvet cover. It really elevates the look of your bedding, and gives it that "I just want to jump into this bed" feeling. These are my favorite allergy-friendly duvet inserts.

So when I was picking out a new duvet cover for our bed I searched high and low for the perfect gray, and let me tell you, this was no easy task! There are a ton of options out there and in all different shades and styles. I rounded up my favorite gray duvet covers from my favorite bedding stores to make the selection easier for your.

Pottery Barn

You guys I am tried and true Pottery Barn fan. I feel like every time I walk into a store, get their magazine, or browse their website, I find like 50 things I want in my house. I've had their bedding in my house for years. It is beautiful, great quality, and is so versatile. They have the luxury linen duvets, but they also have more affordable cotton collections. And for all you print lovers out there, Pottery Barn has your number. The Belgian Linen Duvet Cover in Shale is my favorite gray duvet from them, but I have also included some of my other favorites below.

West Elm

The modern cousin to Pottery Barn. West Elm also has a special place in my heart. West Elm is the perfect place for me to find the mid century vibe some of my friends and clients are looking for. They also have great quality duvet covers that go with so many colors and textures. The last two duvet covers we had on our bed were from West Elm. They were great quality and lasted the test of time with our crazy dogs and several moves. They have a wide range of gray selections in several textures. I have included my favorites below.


Y'all I am quickly becoming a huge fan girl for Brooklinen. I bought their sheets a few months ago because we were in desperate need of new ones, and I don't think I have ever slept in sheets so wonderful. They are crisp, cool, and so soft. Their duvet covers are no different. What I love about them is they only have a small selection of types and colors so you don't get overwhelmed with all the options. I love this charcoal gray color from their cashmere duvet cover collection, but they also have some awesome linen options in great neutral colors you can find below.

The Company Store

The Company Store has been around for years, but I have not purchased a ton from them until now. They have a ton of options for duvet covers, and I honestly felt overwhelmed with all their options and colors. However, they were having a great sale over the holidays, so I decided to buy my new duvet cover and quilt from The Company Store. I am so glad I did. I love this duvet! It is textured, cozy, and has the perfect thread combination of gray and black. I was torn between this and the linen option below, but I am so glad I went with the Weaver Yarn Duvet.

Where is your favorite place to buy duvet covers? Do you have a favorite gray duvet cover?


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