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Workshop Shed Organization

When we saw our new home for the first the first, we quickly realized the potential of the house. We loved the floor plan, but we didn't love the finishes. We loved the backyard. The pool was beautiful and had recently been redone. The thing we loved most about this house was the workshop.

The previous owners had built an enclosed workshop in the side yard complete with a roof and electricity. The workshop is long because it extends to part of the house, and it is wide enough to fit tools and all kinds of storage. This was our favorite feature of the house, and we knew it would come in handy because we had a lot of DIY projects to do in this house.

We moved into the home in October, and we put all our tools in the workshop, but we did not organize it. Very typical. In fact, I told Matt that one of his jobs when we moved in was to organize the workshop. Obviously that never happened. Also very typical. So when 2021 started, I told myself that I was not going to do anymore projects until this shed was organized. So January 1st, came and I got to work.

Disorganized Workshop

If I am being honest, this was an overwhelming project for me. There was stuff literally everywhere. Wood was against every wall and stuck in every corner, tools were all over the work bench, screws were in like five different boxes, and I didn't know where anything was.

So I decided I was going to need some help in the organization category. I did some research and found the perfect things to help with my organization.

1. Wall Control Peg Board: I love Wall Control. We used Wall Control in our garage in our old home. The kit I use comes with organization cubbies to organize your tools. This was an easy decision for me to make to use this in our new home.

2. Power Tool Organizer: I found this great power tool organizer from Amazon. It is actually fairly small, but you will be surprised to to see how much this actually fits. We were able to fit a good majority of our tools here.

3. Bora Wood Organizer: This wood organizer is actually pretty popular. I have seen several DIY bloggers use this in their garages and workshops. It is pretty amazing how sturdy this wood organizer is and how it got our wood off the floor. Now we have all our wood in one central place, and nothing is on the floor! Yay!

4. Ryobi Charger Kit: We pretty much only by Ryobi products. We love them because they all have interchangeable batteries. But once you get more than a couple batteries, you need to figure out a better way to store them. Ryobi has a charger rack that is great! Not only does it charge your batteries, but it organizes them as well. We hung this on our wall to get this out of way.

5. Hardware Organizer: If you have more than a couple types of screws or nails, you need a hardware organizer. The best ones are the kind that hang on the wall to get the screws off your storage bench. This is one of my favorites.

6. Hooks: Every workshop needs some hooks. Hooks are perfect for your other tools and building accessories you need to organize. I used these hooks to hang clamps and a couple caulk guns. These hooks are actually rolling pin hooks that I used in my kitchen. However, the actual hooks are flexible, so they were perfect for my tools that did not fit on the tool organizer. I could flex the hooks to fit perfectly.

New, Organized Workshop

How have you organized your workshop?

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