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Apartment Media Design Wall

I am helping my little sister, Lane, design a couple rooms for her new apartment. These designs are so fun for me to put together because she has fun and feminine taste and is not afraid to use color. I have already put together a design for her bedroom and her living room. Now I am working on a media wall design for her bedroom.

Lane wanted a couple things in the design for her new apartment:

  • She wanted it to be fun and feminine.

  • She wanted it to be colorful, but have more muted colors instead of bright colors.

  • She wanted to keep her existing hot pink bar stools for her kitchen. This room spills over to the kitchen, so I need to make sure the design worked with those bar stools.

  • She wanted to use this removable wallpaper she found from Magnolia Home.

Based on this criteria, I was able to put together a beautiful design that matched her needs and her personality.

In this design, I was able to incorporate the pink, the wall paper that she wanted, and even some items that reflect her personality.

  • Lane has recently started using Himalayan Salt Lamps in her home.

  • She loves her snake plants, so I used that as design accents in her space.

  • She loves moody scenes, so the candle use in the room can really create a moody atmosphere.

All the products used are linked above. If you are looking for design help, email, and I can create an e-desigen specifically for you!


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