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Bedroom Accent Wall Reveal

Y'all! I am so so excited about this accent wall reveal. The first project I worked on in our bedroom was the accent wall. I love accent walls in a bedroom. I think it is the perfect way to frame a bed and create a focal point in the room.

When I was planning this accent wall, I had three requirements:

  • I wanted the accent wall to frame the bed, so I wanted the accent pieces to be built around our bed.

  • I wanted board and batten, but I also wanted it to be slightly more sophisticated than board and batten. I didn't want this to have a full farmhouse feel, so I need to add some additional trim to really make it pop.

  • I wanted the board and batten to fit wall art from Juniper Print shop I was planning on putting above our bed.

Initial Accent Wall Plan

I initially planned this accent wall out in SketchUp. This was my first endeavor in SketchUp. I still have a ton to learn, but this was a good introductory to the tool. I wanted to sketch this out here to make sure I had the right measurements to fit around the bed and allow space for the art.

This was a life saver. Because I went the extra step to sketch this out in SketchUp. I knew all my measurements beforehand. I was able to get the exact right amount of wood and trim, cut all the boards and pieces to the correct size, and work quicker with the actual build. I highly recommend for any of your designers out there.

I spent the week building and painting this accent wall. I am so happy with how it turned out! I cannot wait for y'all to see it.

Accent Wall Reveal

Accent Wall Products

Do you love this wall as much as I do? The green is the perfected muted green. I am so happy with all the textures and how everything goes together in this space. I love it!

Breakdown of Materials, Cost, and Tools

One of my favorite things about this project was that it only used two tools! Hardly any of my projects are that simple. I also added chair rail as trim to make this a little less farmhouse and a little more sophisticated. That accounted for a lot of the cost of this wall, but it was worth it.

I still have a lot to do in this room. I need to paint the whole thing, add a rug, new decor, and make a dog bed. Stay tuned for everything I am doing in this room!


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