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Dining Room Wallpaper

Hello DIYers and Home Enthusiasts!

We recently started renovating Caroline's dining room. The first project that needed to be done in this space was the walls. We wanted to start with a fresh slate in this space.

Originally, this space had chair railing throughout the space. Caroline thought that board and batten would look better in the space. Then she added new board and batten to the front entry and dining room to bring the two spaces together. Then we redid the trim along the doors and windows to go with the rest of the house.

The next step in this process was painting the dining room. Caroline wanted to go with a light blue gray to complement the wallpaper that she picked out for this space. We really wanted this space to be fun and whimsical, but go along with the rest of the rooms.

After painting the room, it was wallpaper time! Have y'all hung wallpaper before? There are many different applications for wallpaper. You can use paste or a peel and stick option depending on your needs. If you have wallpapered, what type of wallpaper have you used?

This house has heavily textured walls throughout. This can make it more difficult to hang wallpaper. To help with this, Caroline skim coated the wall to get rid of the texture on the wall. She chose to just do one accent wall in this space. After skim coating, she applied this beautiful peacock wallpaper to the wall.

This transformation gave an excellent backdrop for all the other projects we are doing in this space!

Space Before

Space After

What is your favorite part of the space? What project are you most looking forward to in this space?


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