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Bedroom Hallway Reveal

At last, I am writing one of the last blog posts for the bedroom project we have been working on for the past several months. When we started the bedroom hallway, it needed a lot of work to match the rest of the bedroom. We completed these projects in several phases.

At the beginning of this project, we had several goals we wanted to accomplish. These were:

  • Redo Matt's Step-In Closet

  • Update the Vanity

  • Add trim

  • Remove the pocket door

  • Update lighting

  • Add a sliding barn door

  • Paint the existing doors green

  • Paint the whole thing to match the rest of the bedroom!

Bedroom Hallway Makeover

The first project that we completed in this space was the bathroom vanity. This space had a dated countertop and a mirror that matched it. We wanted to add new drawer fronts, overhaul the countertops, get new new lights and add some new decor to this space. You can read more about this project here. This is how the project turned out!

Vanity Makeover Project

The next project we completed was Matt's step-in closet. We did this project after completing Caroline's closet overhaul! This closet started out chaotic and had ZERO storage! For this project, we wanted to add some practical storage, create more hanging space for Matt's clothes and add some masculine touches. This was a quick and easy project that had a huge impact. You can read more about the project here. Check out below to see how the project turned out!

Matt's Step-In Closet

The last major project we completed was the barn door. I am currently working on a blog post with all the details on this project. When we moved in, there was a pocket door in this space. It did not really go with how the rest of the space was designed. Caroline decided to take the pocket door out and replaced it with a barn door.

Caroline made the entire barn door from scratch and installed it in the space. She painted it a really pretty cream color. I think that this project completed this space perfectly. Check below to see how this project turned out!

DIY Barn Door

The other things we did to complete this space was add new trim to the entire space. We also painted the existing doors mint green. We then painted the trim and walls to match the rest of the bedroom. Lastly, we added some beautiful decor to round out the space.

Which of these is your favorite project? Which of these project would you most likely do on your own?


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