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Built-In Closet Makeover

Over the last few weekends, we have been redoing my closet. Before taking on this project, my closet was a mess and I had clothes in several closets throughout the house. It was ROUGH. This transformation was much needed. In my sister's last post she went into depth about the IKEA Pax Hack she used in her closet. You can read more about it here.

After building out the closet, I wanted to decorate and maximize the space. Some of the elements I wanted to include was:

  • I wanted to add some femininity to the space.

  • I wanted to maximize the storage opportunities available in the space.

  • I wanted to create an area and storage for my jewelry and purses.

Here is where the closet was before we made over the closet:

Caroline had already add a few touches of femininity with the wallpaper and the pop of orange on the side. She continued this by adding the Blossom Flushmount light and a beautiful rug from the Chris Loves Julia Collection. Caroline also added the same bronze hardware as we put in the kitchen. It looks really great in the space.

Here is the closet after adding these elements:

After adding these touches, we focused our attention on the jewelry section of her closet. We needed to add some storage for her jewelry, headbands, and hair accessories. The pull out drawers slotted shown above are also used for jewelry storage. We also added some miscellaneous storage baskets above the area. We also added these AMAZING lights from amazon to create a well lit space to be able to see what is stored on these shelves.

Here is what the closet looked like after adding these elements.

The last step in this closet makeover was to add even more storage baskets to the top of the closet. These are used to hold Caroline's purses, some of her winter clothes, and her swimsuits. She will not need these things all the time. This makes the basket storage perfect. We also added the clothes and shoes into the closet.

Here is the closet after adding these two elements:

Here is the closet makeover all together:

Everyone on Instagram has been loving this closet makeover. It was a quick and simple way to transform a dysfunctional closet into a functional space. I was able to move from two closets into one closet. I combined form and beauty into this space. This creates a space that is beautiful to look at but has all the function I need every day.

If you want to see more on how we did this check out my Instagram Story Highlight "Closet Makeover" or with the Instagram Reel Caroline created.

Have you ever made over your closet before? What are your favorite ways to add form and function to your closet?


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