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Decorating with Colorful Rugs

Y’all I love color. I love it in my wardrobe, in nature, and in my house. While I love the look of Joanna Gaines and other neutral designers, my house will always have some color in it. Blue is my favorite color. I use it as neutral. You will be hard pressed to find a room in my house that does not have some variation of blue in it.

When I started thinking about how I wanted to design my office guest room, I needed to pick a rug. Rugs are always such a hard decision for me because there are sooo many good ones. I ended up picking a rug with shades of blue, green, and brown. Before I settled on that style, check out a few rugs I was looking at that are filled with color and style.

1. Chung Teal Area Rug

Talk about a rug dreaming in blue. This rug has awesome shades of blue and would go great in so many spaces.

2. Ashburn Dark Blue Area Rug

This rug is vibrant, but it also has a vintage and oriental feel. This is great for trying to add some sophistication to your room. I love the pop of magenta.

3. Gutierez Oriental Area Rug

This rug has a ton of color, but it is also light, which is a hard combination to find. If you are looking for a more natural look, but want to incorporate some color, this is a great option.

4. Crystal Floretta Vintage Boho Medallion Rug

The teal color of this rug is awesome. This rug would definitely take the right space to work, but the colors are fabulous.

5. Kiyoko Vintage Floral Turquoise

This rug is fun, but still grown up. If you are looking for something that is a little playful with floral, but will look like it fits in your house, you will love this rug.

6. Lavenia Floral Persian Aqua

This persian rug has colors that could coordinate with any space. Pinks, yellows, and blues will warm up any room.

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