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DIY Faux Shiplap

I‘m from Texas, so obviously I love all things Joanna Gaines and Shiplap. Dallas isn’t as blessed as Waco is in the shiplap category, so sometimes we have to create the shiplap ourselves. A lot of shiplap is installed using tongue and groove boards in pine, MDF, and other wood. I love the look of a tongue and groove, but it is heavy and can be expensive. If I you are looking for an easy and budget friendly option to hang shiplap, I have just the option for you.

DIY faux shiplap can be done quickly, installed directly onto drywall, and it doesn’t break the bank. It looks just as good as tongue and groove shiplap, so you won’t even know this isn’t the real deal. We have done this in several places in our house, and we always get compliments on it. Look at how awesome this looks:

How To Install DIY Faux Shiplap



Paint of your choice


1. Cut the underlayment to either a width of 6 inches or 8 inches using the table saw. I prefer the 8 inch width and have used that in my house.

2. Find the studs in the wall to attach the underlayment.

3. Using the Finish Nailer attach the plywood to the wall. You will want to do this staggered across the width of the wall so there is not one line down the wall where the plywood ends. Place the nickel in between each horizontal board so there is space. Continue all the way down and across the wall.

4. Paint the wood with primer and let dry.

5. Paint the wood until you have reached the desired coverage.

This is quick and easy. Depending on the size of your space the materials can cost less than $50, which is way cheaper than traditional shiplap.

Have you done something similar in your home? I would love to see how you have done this to transform your space!


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