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DIY Narrow Kitchen Island

When I was renovating our kitchen, there were a couple choices I made that caused some controversy in the Sears house. However, none of them caused more controversy than the kitchen island I built. Let me explain.

In our kitchen, there is about a 7-8 foot open area in our kitchen between the counter and the pantry. When I look back at old photos of our house, it looks like the door that is there now used to be a window, so they might have been able to put a table there. But to be honest, I don't know. What I do know is that I thought the gap there needed something. I wanted a small, narrow kitchen island to put there. My husband, Matt, did not agree. This is what the space looked like.

What do you think? Team Caroline or Team Matt?

I could not get Matt over to Team Caroline, so I told him that I would make the kitchen island, and it could be on a trial run until we figured out if we liked it or not. If you're married, you know how this goes. So I got to work on a small, narrow table. I did not use any plans for this because I couldn't find anything that worked for this space so I made it up. Keep reading to see how I did it!

DIY Narrow Kitchen Island


7 - 1x4x8's common board

4 - 1x4x6's common board

1 - 2x4x8''s pine

1 1/4" Pocket Hole Screws

4 Island Legs - I used these Husky Islander Posts from Osborne Wood Products

Orbital Sander

220 Orbital Sanding Discs

Stain of your choice - I used Solid Black by Minwax



1. Cut seven of the 1x4x8 common boards to 72". Drill four pocket holes into each of the boards (except for the last one) using a Kreg Pocket Hole jig. This is my favorite one. Attach all seven boards together using the pocket hole screws.

2. Cut one of the 1x4x6 common boards into two 24.5". Drill three pocket holes into each of the boards using the Kreg Pocket Hole jig. Attach each of the boards to the end of the seven boards you just put together. That builds your table top.

3. Cut the two of the 1x4x6 common boards to 62". Cut the remaining 1x4x6 common board into two 14.5" pieces. Drill enough pocket holes in each of these to be able to attach it to the top. Drill two pocket holes on each end of the board.

4. To build the frame attach one 14.5" piece to two of the island legs using pocket hole screws. Attach the two leg pieces together using the 62" pieces using pocket hole screws. You guys. These island legs are awesome. Obsborne Wood has so many options to choose from and they are BEAUTIFUL. I picked the knotty pine finish. I loved them. I will definitely be using them again!

5. Cut the 2x4x8 pine into three 14.5" pieces. Drill two pocket holes into the top of each one and on each one of the ends. Place the three pieces inside the frame equal distance apart. Attach to the frame using the pocket holes on either side of the 2x4's.

6. To attach the frame to the table top, line up the frame so the table top reaches over the table top 1" on either side.

7. Sand the table using the orbital sander. The island tops are already sanded.

8. Stain the table using a brush or a rag. Let dry.

9. Apply polyurethane over the stain with a brush.

The final product is a beautiful narrow table that is the exact size for this space.

The table has been here a couple weeks now, and I think it is here to stay. I love cozier spaces, so this is perfect for my style. It has also been wonderful to have our family over for the holidays. It is the perfect place for some appetizers. I love it!

What do you think? Are you Team Caroline or Team Matt?


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