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DIY Oversized Picture Frame

I am helping my sister design her new apartment. One of the rooms I am helping her with is her bedroom. I found this awesome print from Juniper Print Shop that goes perfectly with her room.

The only problem is it is an oversized print. IKEA does sell frames for oversized prints, but making the trek to IKEA is honestly the last thing I want to do right now. So we decided to make our own.

This project is super easy to do. If you have leftover wood hanging around like me, you could almost build this for free.

DIY Oversized Picture Frame


1in x 3in common board cut to size of print

1in x 2in furring strip cut to size of the print

Spray Paint or Stain (Spray paint dries faster, but we used Antique White Stain)

1 1/4 Brad Nails


1. Cut the furring strip to the exact size of the print. You will need a stabilizing piece for the middle.

2. Attach all pieces of the frame together using the brad nailer at each corner and the speed square to ensure that the frame is square.

3. Measure the outside of the frame you just built, and cut the 1in x 3in frame pieces to size.

4. Sand the frame pieces and stain or spray paint. We decided to stain this frame white, but I have used spray paint when I have done this before. Let dry.

5. Attach the 1in x 3in frame pieces around the furring strip frame using the brad nailer to secure at each of the corners.

6. Spray the adhesive on the inner furring strip frame.

7. Place the print on top and press to secure the adhesive once it is in the right place. This is the most difficult part and is probably easier to do with two people, so grab your BFF and have them help you.

Here is what the final product looks like!

How do you like it? Would you build this yourself or just buy one that fit?


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