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DIY Window Shelves

If you have been following along with my Instagram or my blog, you know I have been working on my sunroom. This space was dark and dreary when we moved in and slowly we are transforming this space into the bright and cheery room that it was destined to be. We have made a lot of progress. In the past couple weeks, we have:

  • Shiplapped a wall

  • Limewashed the brick

  • Redid our Media Wall

It has made a huge difference! Now I am moving on to the other side of the room. One thing I wanted to give a fresh start was this interior window that was in our sunroom. I didn’t want to cover it up because the room on the other side only had this small window for sun, but I did need to make it look more inviting and fresh than when we moved in. Here is what the interior window looked like:

It needed some love. Before I started with this DIY window project, I did spray paint the metal in the window using Masking Liquid and Spray Paint.

Once that was painted white, I wanted to create a window shelf as a spot to put some of my plants. I wanted for each one of the shelves to cover the the metal bars in the window. Here is how I did it.

DIY Window Shelves


4 - 3in common boards cut to the size of the window

3 - 8in common boards cut to the width of the window

Miter Saw or Circular Saw to cut the wood


1. Cut the 3in common board to the length of the window. My window was 60in tall.

2. Sand the board using the orbital sander and stain.

3. Attach two of the 3in common boards together using a clamp and trim screws. This will make an L shape piece. You need two of these.

4. Attach the L shape pieces to either side of the window using the hammer drill and the concrete anchors.

5. Measure the space between the common boards in the window. Cut the 8in common boards to that size.

6. Sand and stain the 8in common board.

7. Attach the shelf brackets to the wood drilled into the wall using the 5/8in screws.

8. Attach the 8in common board to the shelf bracket using the 5/8in screws.

9. If you want to protect the shelves, you can also add a coat of spray polyurethane

Then you have yourself a beautiful window shelf.

What do you think?

I loved this project. It took me only and afternoon to complete. It gives this room so much life, and helped this room become a bright and cheery like I wanted it to be.


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