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Easiest DIY Under Cabinet Lighting

You guys. I am so excited about this post. Because I have the easiest, most budget friendly kitchen update for y'all today: under cabinet lighting. You can add under cabinet lighting to your kitchen in under 30 minutes and for under $50.

When I was redoing my kitchen, one of the things I wanted but did not want to pay an arm and a leg for was under cabinet lightning. So I went to my favorite place, Amazon, to figure out how to do it without getting an electrician out to my house and spending a thousand dollars. I found these awesome Under Cabinet Lighting Strips.

I bought two of these kits, cut them to the length of my cabinets, and connected them together using the connectors the kit comes with. Then all you have to do is pull off the backing, attach it to the top, and plug it in. Y'all. I'm serious this was so easy. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.

If you have plugs that are inside the cabinets, you can drill a small hole into the bottom of the cabinets and pull the cord through the hole. If you do not have plugs inside the cabinets, you can plug into the outlets on the backsplash and hide with decor. I went that route because my in cabinet plugs were already being used. Getting creative with the decor hid the cords for the lightning so you can't even tell!

Check out my not-so-fancy new lights!!

Isn't it pretty? Seriously this only took 30 minutes and cost my $40. A win-win in my book.


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