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Farmhouse Luxe Living Room

It seems like there a 100 spins of farmhouse style these days, and this design is no different! But let's be real, I love a good farmhouse style, so I am not upset about. I recently did a project for a client. She loved a fit a farmhouse but with a bit of modern and earthy tones. With that direction I came up with this design for her living room. She already had the sofa and the chair, so I was taking those key elements and building off of what she already had.

I am calling this design Farmhouse Luxe. The foundational elements of the room like the sofa and tables are cut from the farmhouse family, but the accents in the room are much more luxe with different colors and textures. If you have been following me, you know I love color. I love the way the neutrals look, but I also love a good pop of color and personality. This room perfectly captures the pop of color I love to see in spaces.

All the products I used in this design are linked above. If you are looking for design services for your home, check out my Virtual Design and Full Design services. I would love to help you create the home you've been dreaming about.


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