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Garage Work Shop Makeover Reveal

Matt and I have been working the past couple weekends to overhaul our garage workshop. We had been using a couple work benches that we acquired over the years. They were great, but they did not have a lot of storage options and they were not the same height, so it made wood projects difficult. Our garage was also a disaster. It needed some major organization and clean-up work. Here is what our garage looked like before:

Dark. Gross. And organized.

So we did some research and found a plan from Ana White and Ryobi that was perfect for organization and wood working projects. Here is what the finished project looked like from Ana White's website.

We had to make some adjustments to the plans to make this work in our space because we have an older home with weird pipes sticking out everywhere, but here you can find the plans to each of the parts of the Ana White plans. If you want to check out the adjustments we made to the shelves and the tools used, check out the previous blog post I wrote about it.

So now for the final reveal...are y'all ready for this?? We love it! This gives us so much more floor and garage space, it created a storage space for our wood, and now we have a storage space for all tools.

We are so happy with how this turned out. If you are looking to update your garage work space, I would highly recommend using these plans. We cannot wait to start using this area for our upcoming projects.

In addition to what we built from the plans, we did add some additional storage pieces to make this space work better for us:

If you want to check out the tools we have stored in our work space, check out the Shop My Favorites page that has my favorite tools listed.


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