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How to Build a Stone Walkway

We recently redid our deck. When we were planning out what we wanted this deck to look like, we decided we wanted to remove the deck that was by the gate and replace with a stone walkway. Y’all this is such an easy project that you can do in an afternoon. It is low cost and it looks great!

Here is what the portion of our deck looked like before we turned it into a stone walkway. Pretty bad, huh?

Once we demoed the deck (you can find more details about that here), we were ready to start building a walkway. Here is how we did it.

How To Build A Stone Walkway



1. Once you have demoed the walkway area, place leveling sand over the area where you are going to build your walkway.

2. Using a rake, evenly distribute the sand across the walkway area.

3. Using the tamper, pack down the sand, so it is tight and level.

4. Place the pavers where you want them to be. Once you have the desired position, wiggle back and forth and place pressure on the stone, until it is secured.

5. Place the pond pebbles around the pavers to finish the walkway.

It is that easy! It only takes a couple hours and makes a huge difference. This is an easy DIY project for you to tackle.

Share your pictures with me if you take on this project at your own home. I want to see your awesome work!


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