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How to Paint Plantation Shutters

I love plantation shutters. We had them in our house growing up, and I have loved them ever since. The house we live in now is the first house Matt and I have lived in where we have plantation shutters. They are great. They look nice. and they are easy to use. I would highly recommend them if you are thinking about putting them in your house. They are expensive, but they are worth it.

The problem with the plantation shutters in our house is they are an off-white. And not a subtle off-white, but the type of off-white that is way more yellow than it should be. The rest of the trim and molding in our house is white, so there is a noticeable difference between the windows/shutters and the trim. As I have started renovating our house room by room this has become more noticeable. So it was time for me to change this up.

Here is you can see the difference between the paint colors for the trim and the window:

Tools Needed:

Paint for Window Trim (We used Pure White Semi Gloss by Sherwin Williams)

Pre-taped Painters Plastic (only if you need to paint the window pane)


1. You need to take the shutters off the windows. This can easily be done using a screwdriver or, better yet, a power drill.

2. These next two steps you only need to do if you have paint the window pane. Tape off the window glass using the the pre-taped painters plastic and the window trip using the painters tape. It should look something like this:

3. Spray paint the window pane. This should look something like this (with the tape still on):

This is what it looks like with the tape off:

4. Now it is time to start painting the shutters. Using a vertical surface. Use the pre-taped painting sheet to tape the the wall. I taped it to our shelving. I started at first laying these straight on the ground, but I couldn't reach all the places I needed to, so I moved it vertical and this worked MUCH better. This is what my setup looked like:

5. Then you can start painting. Take the spray paint can and paint in light layers. I needed about 2-3 layers per side. I also waited overnight before switching sides so the paint had enough time to dry. Depending on how big the shutters were it took about 2-3 cans of spray paint to cover both sides. Check out what a difference the spray paint made in turning my shutters white:

6. Once the shutters are dry you can hang them back up. Hang these up using the same screws that were originally in used. Make sure they close once they are up. Here is what these shutters looked like when they were hung back up in our Office Guest Room:

So much better than the off-white shutters than where there before. Also, doesn't Remmy look adorable? She wanted to model for you! I give her a 10 out of 10.

I have been working on painting some of the other shutters in my house, so be sure check out my stories on my Instagram account @carolinesearshome to see this step by step in videos.


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