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How to Stain and Paint Shutters

You get two posts for the price of one today! I am going to walk through how to stain and paint your shutters. I have done both the current house I live in, and it makes such a difference with curb appeal.

This is what our house looked like when we bought it.

The roof was a gross and old color brown, the cedar shutters were not stained, and the browns just did not match the grey color of the home. We bought our home as a flip, and if I were the flippers, I would have painted this house white. But, I wasn't going to pay to paint the house, so I needed to get creative with colors. I decided I was going to stain the shutters.

How to Stain Shutters

This is a super easy project. I didn't take the shutters off the house to do this. All I had to do was wait for a sunny fall day, get any debris off the shutters, and start staining.

We used the semi-transparent exterior stain by Behr in Chocolate to try to match the roof. Look at the results!

Staining the shutters made the exterior of our home much more inviting and look like the brown roof and shutters went together. Best of all, this update cost us less than $50. So worth it!

Several months later there was a huge storm that came through Dallas. Most everyone in our neighborhood had to replace their roofs, including us. Although that was an expense we didn't love paying for, this was the perfect opportunity for us to modernize our roof and change colors. We decided to go with a heathered grey roof that would flow better with the color our house is painted.

How to Paint Shutters

Painting the shutters is very similar to staining the shutters. The only difference was I had to put a couple more coats of paint than the shutters. The paint didn't go on as smooth as the stain since our shutters are made from rough cedar.

We chose Black Mocha by Behr Marquee to paint the shutters and match with the rest of our exterior. Check out our new and improved exterior!

It was almost Winter when we took this photo, so our lawn has looked better. But our house looks brand new with the painted shutters. We love this new look!


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